By My Silence: CD (signed)
  • By My Silence: CD (signed)

By My Silence: CD (signed)

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On September 1 on my way to Poland I was delayed by Nazi Rallies. My experience touring all around Germany has been so positive and I feel we cannot let scapegoat idiocracy destroy our liberty. With the rise of anti-Semitism it is urgent to sing about these issues in a new/old way. On Oct 26 I finished the recording and unplugged for Shabbat. Saturday night I turned the TV back on to the horror of that morning in Pittsburgh. It is my hope and belief that music can bring us the power of grace over the rise of hatred.

By My Silence the CD by SONiA disappear fear release date: November 26 2018 10 fresh new recordings- 5 songs written by SONiA, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, Hatikvah, 2 Hebrew Folk songs, one song in Kurdish and the ever requested By My Silence written by Ellen Bukstel and Nick Annis. Shipping - Early December CD includes full song lyrics in English, Kurdish and Hebrew. FILE UNDER FOLK, Jewish Folk Music, International Folk Music and Rockabilly.

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