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The world wide internet radio debut of SONiA disappear fear's ALBUM 23 will be recreated LiVE with the whole disappear fear band and never before heard songs in there fullest album arrangement to date. Mary Sue Toohey will host SONiA and her original musicians from 1996's Seed in the Sahara Album all together in this extraordinary recreation of the entire record. Verrrrrry excited!!! "You gotta hear me on the radio"

National Women’s Music Festival

(CDT, UTC-05) (CDT, UTC-05)

Marriott Madison West Hotel and Conference Center , Madison, Wisconsin

This is a very special women’s festival and the largest and longest running in America. It has a wonderful history and it incorporates the essence of the old school lesbianism with the new and young dykes of today! I’ll also be part of the wild and crazy Saturday Night All-Musicians-In-Jam + a workshop TBA Come for me and stay for the weekend! For festival info call 317 395 3809

SONiA disappear fear - Gießen, Germany

(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

Kapelle der Vitos-Klinik, Licher Straße 106, 35394 Gießen

Of all my concerts over the past 13 years in Germany I feel this place this small chapel in the woods has the biggest heart of all venues. There is a spirit here that is deep courageous and powerful. It is almost as if the love is palpable and over flowing. I cherish this opportunity to come back to Giessen and play the gorgeous grand piano and let our souls burst into LOVE together.

SONiA disappear fear - Gundelfingen, Germany

 — (CEST, UTC+02) — (CEST, UTC+02)

Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried e.V., Birkenried 5, 89423 Gundelfingen

One of the most beautiful gardens with fresh sweets and cakes and amazing sculptures from African Artists living and working at Birkenreid to show and sell their creations. You can picnic around the lake and see African elephants and giraffes that were created at this vey location. I enjoy these concerts so much. I relish my time here. Please join us so you can too.

SONiA disappear fear - Rosenheim, Germany (songwriting workshop)

(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

FOS/BOS Rosenheim

This is actually aWorkshop in Songwriting und Musikmanagement für Schüler:innen der FOS/BOS Rosenheim. Bothe Terry and i Speed the day teaching our professional work ideas. It is wonderful and exhausting to spend the day with young people that are shaping the world of tomorrow. Also it is important to know that dreams can come true.