“Quirky and smart, a poet with a guitar, SONiA is a master of crafting songs that make you simultaneously want to dance, sing and change the world.” 
Gerorgia Voice, USA


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Exciting news!

Did you ever want to see Alaska?
Did you ever want to cruise with nice people and good music?
Now here’s your chance to make it real.

In June 2020 SONiA will perform on a seven night cruise. Experience this precious place before the climate changes everything, everyone, everywhere.

We will breathe in the cleanest air on earth and welcome the Summer Solstice together.

Bring your own guitar or drum and violins and flutes etc and we will create our own Alaskan disappear fear band.

The SONiA concert cruise takes place 19 June, 2020 - 26 June, 2020. Find all details in the link below.


Tour de Deutschland    BY MY SILENCE EURO TOUR 2019 
first concert  WONDERFUL Stuttgartt SRO    
Mar 14 Rosenheim Songwriting 19 Students and 5 SONGS  : )    
Mar 14, 8:00PM Rosenheim Concert SOLD OUT : )    
Mar 15, 8:30PM München SOLD OUT  Darryl Purpose Opens  : )    
Mar 16, 8:00PM Gundelfingen first lights of spring  ; ) Darryl Purpose Shines    
Mar 17, 6:00PM Besigheim SRO  :  )    
Mar 21, 8:00PM Unna SRO    
Mar 21, 8:00PM Recurring WORLD PREMIERE MUSICAL Small House No Secrets USA TICKETS    
Mar 22, 9:00PM Köln Germany SOLD OUT    
Mar 23 Private Event Germany SOLD OUT  
Mar 24, 7:00PM            Nürnberg-Langwasser                                        SOLD OUT          
Mar 28, 8:00PM Recurring Small House No Secrets USA standing ovations and a whole lotta love!! thank you folks!!          
Apr 4, 8:00PM Oestrich-Winkel A beautiful evening !!          
Apr 6, 8:00PM Rodgau-Jügesheim SRO  !!          
Apr 7, 10:00AM SONiA disappear fear Church CONCERT Wiesbaden This Church one of the most awesome acoustic platz i have ever sang in - Next year a full evening concert.          
Apr 8, 8:00PM Wiesbaden  SOLD OUT!          
Apr 12, 8:00PM Bensheim Beautiful Night - As Always!          
Apr 13, 8:00PM Wutöschingen-Horheim SRO  Love was in the air...          
Apr 26, 8:00PM Hamburg Fischhalle Harburg, 21079 Hamburg Share    



May 1, 8:00 PM Hof Irish Pub Hof, 95032 Hof Share      
May 3, 8:00PM Festival „Tribute to Pete Seeger“ Americana im Theater Im Padagog, 64283 Darmstadt                          Share    
May 4 Festival "Tribute to Pete Seeger“ Americana im Theater im Pädagog, 64283 Darmstadt Share    
May 5, 8:00PM Tegau Tango Pueblo, 07907 Tegau Share    
May 11, 8:00PM Venner Folk Festival Venner Folk Festival day and night, 49179 Ostercappeln Share    
May 12 Venner Folk Festival Venner Folk Festival day and night, 49179 Ostercappeln Share    
May 16, 8:00PM Göppingen-Bartenbach Livebühne Engel, 73037 Göppingen-Bartenbach Share    
May 17, 8:00PM Egenhofen Furthmühle Egenhofen, 82281 Egenhofen Share    
May 18, 8:30PM Metzingen-Glems Kulturkneipe Hirsch, 72555 Metzingen-Glems TICKETS    

 MAY 24 25 26 USA - Women’s Festival CAMPOUT  - SONiA disappear fear performs Friday Night!

Have you had your Vitamin SDF today?

Small House No Secrets - here is the first review 

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          1. A Voice for Nudem   2. Eleh Cham Da Libi   3. By My Silence     4. Wandering Jew

           5. Halleluah   6. Light In You   7. Hatikva   8. Oseh Shalom   9. Who I Am   10. Ahavnu