“Quirky and smart, a poet with a guitar, SONiA is a master of crafting songs that make you simultaneously want to dance, sing and change the world.” 
Gerorgia Voice, USA


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Cruise to Alaska with SONiA  June 2020 6/19-6/26
before it all disappears - bring your guitar, fiddle, flute and let's play.

book here: SONiA CONCERT CRUiSE  



Have you had your Vitamin SDF today?

Tour de Deutschland  March - May 2019
My tour of Germany was beautiful, new places and familiar faces. Really feels like home.
This summer i will in Baltimore be writing my autobiography, and rehearsing for the Big Concert in November. Remember tickets go on Sale on July 1, 2019 for the November 7th event at the Gordon Center.

Small House No Secrets - here is the first review 

       Listen to All of BY MY SiLENCE right here on SPOTiFY

          1. A Voice for Nudem   2. Eleh Cham Da Libi   3. By My Silence     4. Wandering Jew

           5. Halleluah   6. Light In You   7. Hatikva   8. Oseh Shalom   9. Who I Am   10. Ahavnu