"Quirky and smart, a poet with a guitar, SONiA is a master of crafting songs that make you simultaneously want to dance, sing and change the world." --Georgia Voice, USA


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Thank you for tuning in and finding out what is next on the disappear fear focus... Firtst off the above photo is the spirit of Folk Music Award that i recieved last February at the International Folk Alliance. In a couple of weeks i will fly back to Kansas City and be part of this Annual event again. You can find me at the Shubb Capo Caberet at minight playing one short set Feb 14, 15 and 16 bringing in International Disappear Fear Day 2 /18. I will also be joining Linda Wilson and Tret Fure for a all women jam session Live on KFFI Radio at 11 am Central time.  Later in the month i will be recording some new songs. I hope to get some nice tracks  that i can share with you soon. Next month i fly to Germany for a very extensive tour. This Europe Spring Tour begins at the Musik Shule in Besigheim on March 11. I may be adding some dates in Poland and Greece. Beyond Germany we are excoted about returning to the Kerrville Folk Festival      (dates TBA) and Camp Out Women’s Festival on Memorial Day weekend. I will be perforing Saturday Night.  On the horizon we are hoping that our musical Small House No Secrets goes into production this summer in Baltimore. we are patiently biting our fingernails off in dire wonder.  Soon as this is confirmed we will blast out the Good News!  I have been doign some cantorial Shabbats and it is a wonderful experience. So here’s to amazing adverntures and seeing grace even in the savages. as i wrote this the man occuppying the White House was speaking on my TV. so i think about Neil Young’s song. “Dont let them bring you down it’s only castles buring find someone who’s turing and you will come around.” The word for LIFE in Hebrew is Chai it is the combination of the numbers 8 and 10 as this year is L’Chaim To Life we can move away from the fear pumping out to scare us.We have been through worse and we will prevail.  My next focus is Peace in Israel. It is so important If we start one sentence at a time being truthful we csan make this happen in our lifetime. as it was said in the StarWars latest movie “it is not about destroying what you hate it is about embracing what you love” Israel is whever you are.

we thank you all for all the love  love sonia and terry ( and Nancy for all her help)

PS- keep reaching out to your political representatives if you don’t speak they cant hear you

First a joyous and peaceful 2018 to you...ours has begun with an AWESOME start being invited to return to the Woodford Folk Festival (largest Music Festival in the Southern Hemisphere but more importantly the most gorgeous place on earth for people to connect and express themselves in paint and thought and sound and food (organic and not). and stretching to formulate sculptures and scientific ideas coming to life in all forms of human imagination. In fact it is our collective imaginations that creates Woodford. Folks from of many different ages and races and religions and educations and economic situations living breathing and sweating and peeing on the same hills. Musically it is bit like Kerrville and Winnepeg festivals in Texas and Canada. Woodford creates a world that we all want to live in and for 6 days we actually do. And this is just 3% of my experience what you will find here is up to you -i have been invited to perform at Woodford in 2019/2020 - you actually could plan your trip to this wonder planet on the other side of the world. i dare you. Australia was awesome and i'm looking forward to a full tour in 2020. but in the mean time...


in case you have or haven't heard - now some music...
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Thank you for all of your support and love.

                                                                    Photo by TERRY IRONS

SONiA Europe Spring Tour Concert and Events.

Memorial Day Weekend = Virginia Women's Music Festival Saturday May 26

                                             & Sunday Veterans Memorial Service (Closing)

 lo ira - no fear


05/14/2015 10:38 

Have no fear at Jacob’s Ladder 
Audiences will have nothing to be afraid of when SONiA Rutstein and her Disappear Fear band take the stage at this weekend’s fun-filled annual country, folk and rock festival at Kibbutz Ginosaur. 

  SONiA Rutstein. (photo credit: Lea Morales) 

SONiA Rutstein was clearly way ahead of her time

for complete article click here


photo by Dieter Koder

Mit Sonia zum Song mit Seele

 Von Christoph Plass

Sängerin Sonia Rutstein und ihre Managerin Terry Irons arbeiten in der FOS mit Schülern. Sie sprechen über die Logistik einer Konzerttour ebenso wie über Lieder mit Gefühl.

Hof – „Eine Zeile fehlt uns jetzt noch,umwiederzurückzumRefrain zu kommen“, sagt Jana. Und überlegt: Die Gitarre auf dem Knie, Stift undBlockvorsichaufdemKeyboard abgelegt, tüftelt sie zusammen mit Betsy und Michèle an ihrem ersten eigenen Song. „As long as there is Music, you’ll never be alone“ – „Solange es Musik gibt, wirst Du nicht allein sein“: Um diese Zeile dreht sich alles in ihrem Erstlingswerk. Und darum, wie es entsteht. Denn die drei haben, so wie alle anderen kleinen Gruppen, professionelle Hilfe: Sonia Rutstein, die als SingerSongwriterin die ganze Welt erobert hat, leitet die Schüler an. Dabei zeigt sich, dass Bob Dylans Cousine weit mehr besitzt als musikalisches

AND THANK YOU BALTIMORE -To follow up on the Baltimore Hurricane Harvey Benefit Concert ONE GIGANTIC thank you to all the amazing performers and donators here and around the USA. It was a wonderful success and we collected $5,000. As of October 30, 2017 we are now sending all donations to Victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We have about 15 t shirts left  -$18.00 each. You can get one at click . 




  SONiA wins the Spirit of Folk Award at Folk Alliance FEB 16, 2017
  congratulations to all the winners
BALTIMORE Jewish Times Article  March 2017

 Rhythms Magazine Live at Maximal - TOP TEN ALBUMS of 2016


-it has been so inspiring marching next to thousands in DC  -we will not be silenced and we will not go backwards. show your PRIDE - click  LOVE OUT LOUD


  1. 1 Micha Moca 03:15
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  2. 2 2 Eggs Over Easy 04:40
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  3. 3 Broken Film 03:00
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  4. 4 Porque Estamos Aqui 04:37
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  5. 5 Be the One 04:38
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  6. 6 November or Nothing 05:12
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  7. 7 Priceless 03:50
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  8. 8 Wakin Up Your Heart 04:14
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  9. 9 I've Had Her 07:36
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  10. 10 Is This Evolution? 03:26
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  14. 14 The Missing Song 04:33
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Germany Tour Spring 2017  

                          This tour was an amazing 30 concerts in 63 days!! There is a whole bunch of press and reviews HERE  I want to thank all the people who made it possible especially Heinz and Linda. What a special place in my heart lives Germany all the time, now.


Sonia holiday special photo