“Quirky and smart, a poet with a guitar, SONiA is a master of crafting songs that make you simultaneously want to dance, sing and change the world.” 
Gerorgia Voice, USA


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Cover art for By My Silence

            Have you heard By My Silence by SONiA disappear fear?

By My Silence
These are basically folk songs with a modern organic arrangement and lush harmonies. A little Dylanish, 50s rock, Kurdish & Israeli roll and add up to fun beats with quirky lyrics in classic disappear fear style.      



ON THE ROADS AROUND THE EARTH ... i am flying to Germany this spring to perform on a  3 month tour! come join me disappear fear



Mar 8, 8:00PM Stuttgartt Frauenkulturzentrum & Café Sarah, 70176 Stuttgart Share  
Mar 14 Rosenheim Songwriting Berufliche Oberschule Rosenheim, 83024 Rosenheim Share  
Mar 14, 8:00PM Rosenheim Concert Vetternwirtschaft, 83026 Rosenheim Share  
Mar 15, 8:30PM Munchen EineWeltHaus München e.V., 80336 München Share  
Mar 16, 8:00PM Gundelfingen Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried e.V., 89423 Gundelfingen Share  
Mar 17, 6:00PM Besigheim Musikschule im Steinhaus, 74354 Besigheim Share  
Mar 21, 8:00PM Unna Spatz und Wal, 59423 Unna Share  
Mar 21, 8:00PM Recurring USA BALTIMORE MUSICAL Fells Point Corner Theatre, Baltimore Maryland 21231 Share  
Mar 22, 9:00PM Koln Artfarm Restaurant & Hotel, 51674 Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe (bei Köln) Share  
Mar 23  Private Event Besenkammer, 50935 Köln Sülz Share
Mar 24, 7:00PM Nurnberg-Langwasser Noris Folk Club, 90473 Nürnberg-Langwasser Share        
Mar 28, 8:00PM Recurring USA BALTIMORE MUSICAL Fells Point Corner Theatre, Baltimorre Maryland 21231 Share        
Apr 4, 8:00PM Oestrich-Winkel Buchhandlung Markus Idstein, 65375 Oestrich-Winkel Share        
Apr 5, 7:00PM Offenbach am Main Rebell(i)sche Studiobühne, 63071 Offenbach am Main Share        
Apr 6, 8:00PM Rodgau-Jugesheim Kulturinitiative Maximal Rodgau e.V., 63310 Rodgau-Jügesheim Share        
Apr 7, 10:00AM SONiA disappear fear Church CONCERT Weisbaden Bergkirche, 65183 Wiesbaden Share        
Apr 8, 8:00PM Wiesbaden Der Weinländer, 65197 Wiesbaden Share        
Apr 12, 8:00PM Bensheim PiPaPo Kellertheater, 64625 Bensheim Share        
Apr 13, 8:00PM Wotoschingen-Horheim PurPur Tanz-, Kultur- und Therapiezentrum, 79793 Wutöschingen-Horheim Share        
Apr 26, 8:00PM Hamburg Fischhalle Harburg, 21079 Hamburg Share    



May 3, 8:00PM Festival „Tribute to Pete Seeger“ Americana im Theater Im Padagog, 64283 Darmstadt Share  
May 4 Festival "Tribute to Pete Seeger“ Americana im Theater im Pädagog, 64283 Darmstadt Share  
May 5, 8:00PM Tegau Tango Pueblo, 07907 Tegau Share  
May 11, 8:00PM Venner Folk Festival Venner Folk Festival day and night, 49179 Ostercappeln Share  
May 12 Venner Folk Festivzal Venner Folk Festival day and night, 49179 Ostercappeln Share  
May 16, 8:00PM Goppingen-Bartenbach Livebühne Engel, 73037 Göppingen-Bartenbach Share  
May 17, 8:00PM Engenhofen Furthmühle Egenhofen, 82281 Egenhofen Share  
May 18, 8:30PM Metzingen-Glems Kulturkneipe Hirsch, 72555 Metzingen-Glems Share  

  good morning Baltimore and HEY USA - WORLD PREMIER March 21, 22, 23, 24  and 27,28,29, and 30 SMALL HOUSE NO SECRETS an original musical with songs by SONiA Rutstein and the book by Jody Nusholtz with Musical Director Tony Correlli presented by Baltimore Playwrights Festival

 USA - Women’s Festival CAMPOUT on Memorial Weekend a very special women's music festival with a 5 K run, good festival food, tents or cabins, workshops and the best sounds from the american female musical front!

AND -don't forget to take your Vitamin df..