SONiA disappear fear

"What would YOU do if you weren't afraid?"

LGBT singer-songwriter SONiA disappear fear invites you to join the 33rd annual International Disappear Fear Day celebration on Thursday, February 18, 2021.

SONiA disappear fear is inviting everyone to share their vision of a world without fear in their own creative way. She encourages children and adults alike to create art (drawings, paintings, photos, stories, songs, poems, etc.) based on the question, “What would you do today if you weren't afraid?” A number of contributions will be shared on International Disappear Fear Day and on SONiA's website on and around 2/18, and can be sent to the PR email address given below. Teachers may want consider this as an art project for their students.

Leading up to World Disappear Fear Day, SONiA is going to play a special concert live on Facebook at 2pm EST on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, featuring songs from throughout her career that have helped listeners live more fearlessly.

World Disappear Fear Day was conceived shortly after SONiA formed her indie folk-pop band disappear fear, and noticed that several members of her band and team, including herself, shared a birthday: February 18. Disappear Fear Day was going be less about the band or SONiA as its front woman, and more about connections between people – all kinds of people, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, political affiliation, age or any such category. Eager to share the core of the band's philosophy, “When you disappear fear between people, what you have is love,” they declared the date International Disappear Fear Day. SONiA, who has since adopted disappear fear as part of her solo artist name, still lives by these words. Though usually connections are made as people gather in person at synagogues, churches, schools, folk clubs, cellar bars, beer gardens, bomb shelters, Pride festivals, protest marches, or anywhere SONiA finds herself singing, this year International Disappear Fear Day will go virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. SONiA hopes this will help connect more people than ever to imagine a common vision of a world in which no one has to be afraid.

Management: Terry Irons – – +1 410 4972290

Public Relations: Wiebke Dittmer – * *

The world is ready to disappear fear - a world that is not scared of itself and who it loves, a world that is ending hunger in the many forms that hunger exists, no one is left out. So tomorrow, as the first rays of dawn reach like swords of light into your eyes... begin the day, like a tango with your soul, in love with life because you are.” - SONiA disappear fear