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SONiA disappear fear is happy to collaborate with Freemuse for this year's Music Freedom Day.

SONiA keeps speaking out for human rights, including freedom of speech and artistic expression, LGBTQ and women's equal rights, and freedom from anti-semitism. She has done so throughout her 30+ years career, and while she has experienced attempts at having her songs censored, she has never allowed them to silence her. Two years ago, she joined Song for Nudem Durak in their attempt to raise awareness and funds to free Kurdish singer Nudem Durak, who is currently serving a 19.5 years sentence in Turkey for singing in her native language.

Join SONiA for a concert streaming live on Facebook on Music Freedom Day!

SONiA disappear fear

Theater im Pädagog TIP, Pädagogstraße 5, 64283 Darmstadt

Here Comes the SONiA...

"Mit schöner und liebgewonnener Regelmäßigkeit zieht mit SONiA die Frühlingssonne in den rustikalen Gewölbekeller des Darmstädter Pädagogs ein" - so beschreibt es der Veranstalter.

SONiA has become a regular at Theater im Pädagog, so much so that their website states she brings the spring sun to their cellar venue!

SONiA disappear fear

Weingut Ferdinand Herke, Peterstraße 1, 65375 Oestrich-Winkel

Präsentiert von der Buchhandlung Markus Idstein. Reservierungskarten gibt es in der Buchhandlung Markus Idstein (Friedensplatz 6, Oestrich-Winkel, Tel.: 06723 1830) ab dem 15.02.2020. / Presented by Markus Idstein bookstore. Reservations can be made at Markus Idstein bookstore (Friedensplatz 6, Oestrich-Winkel, Tel.: 06723 1830) starting 2/15/2020.

SONiA disappear fear

Furthmühle Egenhofen, Furthmühle 1, 82281 Egenhofen

Vorverkauf online ab 01.03.2020 über den untenstehenden Link. Weitere Vorverkaufsstellen unter

Presale online from March 1, 2020 via the link below. Other points of sale can be found at

SONiA disappear fear

Folkclub Isaar im Schützenhaus Jägersruh, Hauptstr. 18, 95028 Hof/ Jägersruh

Tickets können unter reserviert werden. Weitere Vorverkaufsstellen unter WICHTIG: Der Folkclub Isaar hat eine neue Adresse!

Tickets can be reserved via Other points of sale can be found at IMPORTANT: Folkclub Isaar has a new address!