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Love Out Loud, the new compilation of SONiA's most loved LGBT songs, is available NOW!

Love Out Loud, the new compilation of SONiA's most loved LGBT songs, is available NOW!


World Disappear Fear Day (WDFD) is on February 18 every year, and this year I'm hoping for it to be a bigger celebration than ever.

I'm hoping that teachers, musicians, composers, photographers, artists, chefs, dancers, writers, singers, poets and none of the above - everyone - could create something to honor the idea of disappeared fear for One Whole Day. I'm inviting you and your students, children, families and friends to participate in an art project in any way you/they want to, based on the question, "What would I do if I wasn't afraid?" What would your world look like or be like with out fear? You answer this question and current historic dilemma in your own creative way and share it with me. You can draw a picture or create a dance or a song or play or take a photo or a video or create a dessert or soup or write about it in any language. its to you

I am asking people to send and mail these things back to me before 2-18 via me and Wiebke, my publicist. So I hope you will participate, and I will share your creations on my website and social media..You can send them directly to me. disappearfear@gmail.com 

In Hebrew, every word has a numeric value based on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The word chai has a value of  10+8=18, so 2/18 can stand for the toast l'chaim = to life.

On MLK Day this Monday, Terry and I will do a short live video at 1 pm EST, to talk about World Disappear Fear Day.

i'm so excite to see your ideas your Haiku, photos, fashion, maps of the world, it's up to you.

2-18-21 WDFD. its your day to disappear fear.