1 - On The Beach

Everybody's on the beach
Lovely bodies well in reach
I could've had a holiday
If that one hadn't gone away
Light another cigarette
For the buzz you'll never get
She lets me drive her brand new car
But not when I frequent the bar
I'm coming to get you
She plays the bongos night and day
My headache just won't go away
Tomorrow morn they'll find me dead
She wears her Russian boots to bed
Every day she goes to work
Woolen suits and fancy shirts
Nylons make the fellows crazy
They'd be so surprised to find me
I'm coming to get you
Ba da da da da...


2 - Deep Soul Diver

Don't want to be your victim
Or your survivor
Don't want to be your coffee maker, maker
Or your deep soul diver
But when the rain is running
Off the roof
I'll do anything for you
Don't want to be your little girl
Don't want to be your mama
Don't want you to be my little girl
Or my Madonna
But when the rain is running
Off the roof
I'll do anything for you
Some girls dream of ballerinas
Some of supermen
Some boys dream of marrying presidents
Me, I'm kind of winging it
On a visionary ear
Wish you could hear it
The way I hear


3 - Sexual Telepathy

All of the fire burning inside ya, be true now
All of the moment, it's yours you can own it
Be true now
Sometimes when we're talking I can feel you walking
through my mind
Just like now today I don't have much to say
but I will in time
All of the pretense, no reason for pretense
Be true now
Sexual Telepathy, Sexual Telepathy
Ah, ah, ah
Right now


4 - Wakin' Up Your Heart

[lyrics to be added]


5 - Time For Love

Time to love
All we need is time to love
And all too much emphasis
Is placed on conflict
Popular mode of thinking changes
When molecules agree with timing
Aligning with the universe
In galaxies songs unrehearsed
Come aboard
Come aboard


6 - French Illumination

Angular spider-like Roman sculpture
Slowly becoming more human
Central tempora of light
In majesty
Has new clarity
Attempt of artists to express emotion
David getting news of hunting accident
Calming down of animated figures
Interaction of thick liquid style
Style, style, style
Did God make man, or did man make God
Either way you think
It's down the same sink
Through death and birth
It's on the same earth
Win or lose
You're constantly choosing
American Soviet Irish Italian
Chinese African Ethiopian
Israeli Libyan Brazilian Portuguese
Swedish German African man
Can Man


7 - Photograph

Photograph tell me this
What I see in a kiss
Fireworks can't explain
Why I wrap my heart around this flag of pain
One by one
They kiss me on the head
Soldiers drinking wine and body bread
Two by two
Who understands the blues
Flowing down in a long sea of red
Silver cup full of wine
Don't be fooled by the shine
Drink it up
It'll make you high
Just remember when it's time to say goodbye


8 - The Loveliest Part Of The Day

A single open mind
Can open any door
Survival asks us this
Requests not less not more
Her high is humming now
Her hair is coming down
The blankets welcome her
Excited part for fur
And your head screams
And your spine dreams
And you become the loveliest part of the day
And so you're somebody
Talking to everybody
The microphone's a dead giveaway
Hear the hope inside me escapade
Record, tape and t-shirt arrows
Little Cupid is the sparrow inside my head
Is the sparrow inside
Sparrow inside
My head


9 - For Hollywood I Will

Walking on a tightrope
Walking on a tightrope, tightrope, tightrope
Look there's no trampoline
Look there's no trampoline, trampoline, trampoline
Hey Dad I'm old enough to change my name like Jessica Jane
But I think I'll keep the one you gave me
For Hollywood I will
For Hollywood I will
I will, I will, I will, I will, I will, I will
This movie life is starring you
This movie life is starring you, starring you, starring you
You better share the popcorn
You better share the popcorn, popcorn, popcorn
Hey Dad I'm old enough to be a Marine
Become a killing machine
But I think I'd rather be the freak in love
With other schools of thought
With other thoughts of school
Of school, of school, of school
Of school, of school, of school, of school