SONiA disappear fear - Tegau, Germany

(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

Tango Pueblo, Burkersdorf 8, 07907 Tegau

I feel like I am living a dream. we drive into the middle of farmland and there is this enchanted farmhouse. And the folks from the farms and near by towns come to this concert and it is beautiful. They know my songs they even sing along. and we are so well taken care of. So grateful this TANGO is on my schedule! Come join us!

SONiA disappear fear - Rosenheim, Germany

(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

Vetternwirtschaft, Oberaustraße 2, 83026 Rosenheim

Every now and then you can feel the whole universe in alignment when you are at a task or doing even doing nothing. The first time I performed here was just like that. The little room was 1000% packed out and it had a very special energy. I felt every one's heart in my heart I felt like we were all one. I hope it happens again and again. and I hope you can join in the magical experience.

SONiA disappear fear - Rosenheim, Germany (songwriting workshop)

(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

FOS/BOS Rosenheim

This is actually aWorkshop in Songwriting und Musikmanagement für Schüler:innen der FOS/BOS Rosenheim. Bothe Terry and i Speed the day teaching our professional work ideas. It is wonderful and exhausting to spend the day with young people that are shaping the world of tomorrow. Also it is important to know that dreams can come true.